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The Minoru Theory

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Author Topic: The Minoru Theory  (Read 769 times)
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« on: January 28, 2011, 05:30:23 pm »

Hello everyone. I am known as The Fury Wraith, Veteran RPer, AA fan and AAO user. Recently I have taken interest in the Topic Endless Time created by SuperGanondorf. (An awesome RP I might add.) One of the most interesting characters is probably King Minoru, (Created by Gombarry.) former good king of Alia. He is a king that was overthrown by his country and now he strives to take out Dark King Thereme and fight for justice! He also has help from his apprentice Ewyn, a 15 year old dark mage that also fights for justice.

Now why is Minoru so interesting? Because I think he is more than he seems. Much more. In fact, I am convinced that the true Big Bad is NOT Thereme. Who is? You guessed it! Minoru!

This theory is a large list of evidence why I think Minoru is the true evil of Endless Time. Note: I got nothing against Gombarry. In fact, I think he did a great job on Minoru. This theory is only here for fun. Note tha I will sometimes assume Minoru is indeed evil so please excuse anything I pick on differently than Minoru meant. This theory is all about Alternate Character Interpretation after all. I will first show you all of Minoru’s posts and give them a comment in Italic and Bold between these nice lines here (---). Here goes…

User name: Gombarry

Character: Minoru Akihiro

Alias: M

Appearance: He's about 6' 0". He wears a brown cloak that always covers his eyes. Also he carries a staff that's about 7' 0" that supposedly hides a secret.
Minoru dresses like a guy who’s got something to hide. Granted, he is an exile that is wanted dead. His staff hides a secret. What could that secret be? Could it be the key to a doomsday device? A spirit that knows Minoru’s true nature? Flimsy, I know. Let’s continue.
Abilities: When people see his eyes, they lose all memory of who they are for an half an hour. This is the reason why he has a cloak. Also his staff conceals a sword. His magic skills are unprecedented.
I could say something about all this but it would be too flimsy anyway.
Nation: Alia (For now)

Background: When he was a child, He was deemed a social outcast. However a warlock took him in at age 7 and taught the boy everything he knew. But when M reached the age of 21, He rebelled against him due to difference of opinion. M won the duel and took over his masters army. He came to conquer other kingdoms in the land of Alia. He was no longer a social outcast, He became the King of the Light. However a rebellion dethroned him. He is now an out cast once again, hiding from his attackers. In order to further hide himself He became M.
Here things get juicy. Minoru was taught by a warlock. I’d like to point out that nowhere is stated that this warlock was evil. Not all warlocks are evil in this world, you know. Weird but not evil. Just ask Ewyn. He also overthrew him due to difference of opinion. Now let’s say that the warlock WAS indeed good and not evil, it may be possible Minoru didn’t agree with the goodness of the warlock because he was evil. Furthermore, he took over his army to conquer other kingdoms in the land of Alia. Not exactly a nice thing to do, huh? Unless you were evil, of course. And why do you think the rebellion took place? Did it have to do with the fact that Alia was sick of their evil king? Let’s find out!
Other Information: Former king of Alia, Now Banished
Has the ability to inspire his fellow comrades the instant they meet him
Or trick them into doing his evil bidding?

Meanwhile in the land of Alia.
I ran as fast as I could, trying to escape. You could hear the shouts of the assailants
"We know your here somewhere, Your Majesty!" They mocked
I never thought that this would happen just because I said one little thing.
It wasn't until nightfall that I lost my attackers. However I didn't stop and rest. I was on my way to Jopo to see it there would be anyone to help me and my cause.
This all started a month ago during a meeting that I had with the king of Darath to discuss trade. However, something was different about the king that time I met him. He used to be quite jovial whenever He and I met, but now he seemed just like an empty shell of his old self.
There is something suspicious about him. I thought and I was going to figure out what.
That is, until I told the citizens about my meeting. The darathian kingdom being one of our prime sources of resources, They rebelled. I was overthrown and now they are trying to execute me. So now I'm on my way to Jopo. to make a new army and take back my kingdom and stop whatever He is planning.
Minoru seems like the real good guy here but let’s take a closer look. Minoru met with Thereme and he was suspicious of him. Doesn’t necessarily mean Minoru isn’t evil. There could be two big bads. Minoru being the major one here. Being suspicious of a threat is only natural for an evil mastermind like Minoru. Also, a reason for the rebellion was because Darath was a prime source of resources. It’s not stated it was the only reason. Finally, he is going to Jopo to make a new army and take back his kingdom. Wow. Just wow.

It’s practically stated that he intends to make his new army of Jopo villagers and use them for war. Not only that, but he intends to kill his own countrymen just to take back Alia.

So let me get this straight. Let’s say Alia rebelled because Minoru is evil. The rebellion is justified. Minoru obviously wants revenge for this. He goes to a village of innocent mages and tricks them to join his new army and take back Alia BY FORCE! Because he wants to be the king, I guess. Talk about dictatorship. Moving on…

I arrived in Jopo not too long ago. The whole town was bustling with life, which was unusual considering the was a village.
What the Hell is going on? I thought I saw two boys talking to what seemed like a guard. One of which was considerably short. I caught some of their conversation something about war and mages and a prodigy! I was interested so I decided to ask them what was going on.
I went to the boys and asked:
"Excuse me sirs, I..." There was an unusually long pause.
Is this what I think it is?!
Keeping a low profile. Slick. Granted, this scenario would’ve been wise to do even if he was a good guy. He’s an exile after all.
I looked at the guard and back to the boy.
The boy doesn't deserve this I thought.
I took a side glance at the peculiarly short boy and whispered to him "Hey, you"
The boy looked over
"Yes you!" I continued "Run now! Go!"
"Why?" He mouthed
"I will tell you later just go. I will take care of these guys."
It’s possible Minoru only does this for showing who’s boss in this town. A clever way to obtain leadership and recruits for your new evil army.
As soon as he took his first step back to run, the guards were already on his tail. I took out my staff a muttered a spell. I pointed my staff at the guards and the next thing you know, the earth below them rose out of the earth and catapulted them some 300 yards away. Then the leader of the scouting came towards me with a sword! I unsheathed my sword hidden in my staff and block the would-have-been-fatal blow. I shoved him off making him fall to the ground. I sprinted to where he lay to finsh the blow but he rolled out of the way and my sword-cane was stuck halfway in the dirt. The boy looked back to see what was going on. The leader came up to me about to cut my head off. I unhooded my self and looked into his eyes.
his sword almost reached my neck then he suddenly dropped it and fell to the ground. I took out my sword then ran shoving off a few guards and start to run in the boys direction. Then I said: "Run, boy, Run!"
I started to run in the boys direction.
Did Minoru even consider what was going on? He just killed a couple of guys for no real reason other than that they were jerks? Or was he really killing them for showing who’s boss and that he’s the new main man of the village. 1 thing is clear, though. He intends to make the boy his apprentice. (In case he is actually evil, of course.) Minoru is a powerful mage. Maybe he saw potential in the boy?
I regained consciousness and found myself in what looked like a detention center. I was chained to the chair.
Ugh, what happened all I remember is... oh, is that what it was? I thought then I started to get a migraine. It wasn't long before two soldiers and the leader that I took out came inside.
"Heh" He scoffed "Looks like your awake! finally."
He couldn't see it because of my cloak, but I gave him a sharp look saying "I could've killed you."
"Now, let's begin." He continued "First off, what is your name and title"
"My name?" I stated "I am M. M Masterton. My title is vagabond."
"Oh really?" He said sarcastically " Well, why did you attack us. That is what His majesty wants to know."
"His Majesty? Ah, you mean King Thereme!" I exclaimed "It's, oh how do I say? Oh yeah, NONE OF YOUR BEESWAX!"
The leader, took out his sword and pointed the tip at my throat
"Please, kindly state your buisness in attacking us and you won't be killed" He glared
"I could ask the same thing. But I won't."
I unlocked the chains around me and threw them onto the leader the soldiers tryied to restrain me but it didn't do any good. I ran out side then I saw the mages. They looked ready to take me down. the one leading them was the boy that I told to run away. I locked the doors behind me.
"Mages of Jopo." I declared "You are being deceived."
Ah, so the guards were of Darath? Minoru could not have known that when he first saw them but now that he knows, Minoru is in luck. He knows that if he would save the day here, Jopo would join his cause in a heartbeat. The perfect way to trick them into trusting Minoru for his so called ‘’good intended’’ cause.
"Heh." I scoffed "You can't put me on trial. I am the king of Alia!"
I stretched out my pointer finger at the leader
"If I am correct, Your name is Sir Malisendo." I said "Left hand man of the king of Darath"
I continued to glare "We have met before."
"We were talking about Alias finances." I continued
"What?!" I exclaimed "But you said you were M. M Masterson!"
"Yeah so? I would ask that you would not reveal my real name or say nothing of this to Thereme."
I emphasized "That would be Dangerous to my current situation."
"Why should I not tell the king?!" He rebutted
"For one thing you are surrounded by mages that could easily kill you with a glance." I threatened "Also you have me, and you know what I can do to YOU!"
"Ahhrgh." I grunted "I understand... SIR!"
"Thank you, Please take a seat, all of you" I said "And I will explain everything."
Perfect. Minoru uses his diplomatic immunity to avoid trials. Maybe he did this in the past as well? More reasons for the rebellion. Also, he loves threatening people into giving information. Granted, he is doing it on a bad guy now but don’t forget that this theory claims this RP has 2 bad guys. Fun fact: He managed to trick the villagers to his cause in just 1 hour being in Jopo. He truly is a master at tricking and manipulating people.

"Heh heh heh hahahahaha!" I laugh maniacally "You... you guys can detect lies?"
"Um, yeah" he seem rather disturbed by my laugh "Yes, we can."
"Then riddle me this." I said "These guys behind me... they are the ones that are lying to you. Have you been able to detect that?"
"Um, no but-"
"AND how many times has a person you trust has lied to you and you guys didn't detect it?"
The crowd became silent. The looks on their faces just plain said "A lot"
"I see, so that's how it is then." I said officially "But for the sake of the community I will provide evidence that I am the once-was king of Alia."
"It's really quite simple." I took out my sword-cane "Look at my sword towards the hilt of the blade you will see the Royalty's Crests which, may I add, can only be found on the king."
I waited for the mans response.
He even has an evil laugh!? What more evidence do you need!? All missing from this scene is him drinking scotch. Minoru appears to be losing his mind when he finds out the mages can detect lies. He immediately changes his persona now too. Minoru knows he must be careful. Otherwise, he might reveal his true nature. Also note that the mages are not able to detect all lies, preventing us from knowing that there is more Minoru lied about. Minoru knows that he must stick better to the truth, too. He doesn’t want more of his lies perceived. That is why he chooses to present evidence about him being the king. Though I suppose anyone could question whether or not he had simply stolen the blade but… Moving on!
The man was silent.
"I guess I will tell you my story." I sighed "It's a long tale so please sit down on the ground."
I will have to kill these darathians later. I thought.
I began to tell my story of how I rose to power. While telling the story of my rise the short one had a gleam in his eye. It was unforgettable. But as I continued on and went on to conquest he seemed to become a little somber. At last, I came to my exile and how I came to be here.
"Then I saw the guards here and well you know the rest."
"So let me get this straight the reason why you attack these guards were because they were darathian?" He questioned.
"Well, yes actually." I stated "King Thereme is planning something evil. Don't know what... but somethings going to happen soon."
There was a silence
"In order to beat this king I need allies." I looked toward the boy. The supposed prodigy. "This boy here will be the first of my allies.
No mercy. Truly this guy is the king of kings! What’s that? You want to know why he wants to kill Thereme? Why wouldn’t he? 1. Minoru is evil. 2. Thereme is a threat to Minoru. 3. While Thereme is indeed evil, he is not on Minoru’s side. If Minoru kills Thereme, he could trick even more people into thinking he is a good guy. Brilliant. And prodigies make perfect evil disciples.

 "Hah... haha" I replied "don't worry about that you were only reacted on instinct!"
"Thats a good trait to have when under pressure."
I thought about the journey, the trials we would endure.
"Pack you things quickly." I said while leaving the room. "Tomorrow, We have a boat to catch."
I left the room without a word.
"I hope he will like the gift I will give him tomorrow!"
Exclamation mark. If I didn’t knew any better, I’d totally think he’d give Ewyn a knife in his eye. But Minoru is eviler than that. Instead, he intends to train the poor boy of his evil ways. Ewyn doesn’t know any better and so he’ll blindly follow him thinking he is fighting for justice. Poor Ewyn. He is just a boy, Minoru! You are tricking a 15 year old to fight for your evil cause! As if it wasn’t bad enough to involve him with this messy war. A king with good intentions would suggest him to stay out of this! But no, Minoru feels the need to add an extra pawn to the game to insure his evil plans will succeed.
The next day
I woke up early the next day. I went over to my companions house to wake him up. His parents were already up of course ready to say goodbye to their son.
If only I had parents I thought
"Ah, your majesty" Greeted the father "Please, come in."
"Thank you." I said "Where is your son?"
"Downstairs in his room" Said the mother
"Thanks!" I said
I went downstairs then I took out a Horn that I bought at he market. I pressed the horn to my lips and started to play reveille... loudly.
Eywn fell out of his bed.
"Haha." I shouted "Get your stuff, Boy!"
"We have a boat to catch!"
I ran back upstairs
"You might want to get up here quickly I have a surprise for you!"
Enter the horn of character derailment. From this point onward, Ewyn’s persona is totally different in Gombarry’s posts. I can only assume Minoru brainwashed him to ensure Ewyn’s loyalty with that horn. Fun fact: He also appears to be renamed Eywn, which is pronounced as ‘’N’’ according to Google Translate. N is second in the alphabet right after M, which is what Minoru used as alias. Ewyn is more or less Minoru’s second in command now. Hence, N. (Eywn) Second after M (Minoru)
We have been traveling for a few weeks now heading towards Darath I thought No doubt Thereme probably has some sort of bounty on my head by now. I won't be surprised if I get attacked tomorrow or even right now. I turned over to Eywn and put my hand on his shoulder.
"Eywn, it's time to start your training."
"With what?"
"Your sword, I have a feeling your going to have to use it soon." I replied "We are going near enemy lines."
I looked around for a good place to train and saw a flat field not to far from where we were standing.
"Over there." I pointed toward the plain "There we will start our training."

Ewyn’s dark training begins. If only he knew… Minoru doesn’t appear to be disturbed by the fact he is using a child for his evil intentions. No measure is over the top for him as long as he can conquer Alia again and destroy all of his enemies. He’ll simply do anything to fulfill his wish.
Eywn and I practiced day by day with the blade. He eventually got better and better, He even managed to disarm me every now and again. Of course, even though he was great with the sword, He was still quite attached to his magic, so he challenged me to a duel every once in a while. nobody has won yet because all of our duels somehow ended in ties.
"I'll beat you this time!" He would always say before a duel.
A few more weeks passed before we reached the shoreline of Yalara. It was a widespread beach, not exactly what Eywn was expecting, apparently.
"Um... M" He started "Where's the pier?"
"There is none." I replied
"Didn't you say we had a boat to catch?" Eywn questioned.
"Yes, I did." I answered
"Then where is it!" he exclaimed
"Oh, it'll be here." I said "In about 45 seconds If I am correct"
"45 seconds?!"
"Yes, now 25."
He was silent.
Not too far from the shoreline a good size ship came chugging along.
"How are we going to get over there?!" He noticed it too apparently
I went through my rucksack and gram some white powder
I started to spread the powder around us.
"Um.. are you sure that's safe?" he asked
"Of course I'm sure" I reassured him
Elelantrum Teportum!
All of a sudden we were sucked up by a vortex. It felt like my guts were about to explode when I entered. But I could see everything below us including the ship. When we were above the ship we started to dove headfirst onto the deck! The vortex open with us feet first on the deck.
Confusing, right?
But when we arrived we arrived at the wrong time, apparently. Attendants were runing around like chickens without a head!
"Beware of the tondoe! Beware!" they said
The tondoe? where have I heard that before?
This post is innocent enough, I think. Side note: No clue what the laws of teleportation are, but why not teleport there from Jopo? Ewyn needed the training, I guess.
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« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2011, 05:32:18 pm »

"Y-Yeah, ... I'm fine" said Eywn
"I don't really think so" I said I reach into my rucksack, grabbing a chocolate bar. "Here have some chocolate." and I tossed it him.
"I should explain why we are here." I said "On this ship, there is a captain, obviously."
"why is the captain important?" Eywn asked
"Mainly because he used to be one of the top naval commanders during the civil mage wars of alia." I explained. "But considering that everyone's in a panic I'm guessing that the captains in trouble."
All of a sudden the ship lurched forward and started to move at top speed.
"What is he doing!" I thought aloud
I grabbed Eywn, who still seemed to be in a daze, by his sleeve and started for the command deck.
Sweets are perfect for keeping kids under control and out of suspicion. Why else are they offered by child molesters and kidnappers on the streets? Minoru obviously knew this. No other reason to give chocolate other than seeming nice and that. And why did Minoru go to this place? Recruiting more people for his evil empire. What else? A royal tea party?
The captain seemed busy as we entered. He was working with the most advanced equitment I had even seen him work with.
"Lt. Gregory!" I shouted. He turned around and looked quite surprised.
"Your Highness!" He said excitedly and took a bow. "I'd thought I'd never see your again!"
"Me too, my friend." I said happily "Have you heard from Commodore Mika recently?"
"I been receiving emergency signals from his ship" He said concerned but with authority.
"I need to meet up with him." I commanded
After I asked this he asked me something way too common.
"Why, Sir?" He inquired
This is what I hated. The questioning of orders. If I ask for something it's usually for a good reason.
"You'll find out." I said while looking back at Eywn he was nibling on his chocolate he seemed deep in thought at the time so I decided not to bother him.
"Could you contact him?" I continued
"I will try, sir." He went to the controls
"This is the AAS (Alian Alliance Ship) Harbringer contacting Commadore Mika." He began in his usual officer tone. "We have been receiving emergency singals from your ship can we help?"
Genius! Minoru is a genius! Why would he want Mika and his crew in his army next? Well, who doesn’t want a guy with a huge airship in his evil army? In fact, with a ship like this, you are practically invincible. If anyone knows what he’s doing around here, it’s Minoru. He’s a mastermind. He’s got it all planned out! How he became king of Alia the first time around is justified.

"OK, got it we are sending reinforcements, right away" Quavered Lt. Gregory.
He was always the nervous one. I thought.
"Oh, and by the way be expecting company" He added "Very important company."
"Got it" confirmed Commander Mika over the static
Lt. cut the transmission and turned to us, looking very scared.
"Apparently the Commander is under attack." He said
"I see..." I said with an Oh, really? tone. "Go on."
"You will be as assisting Commander Mika" He returned to his usual tone. Very official. "You will be boarding the AAAS (Alian Alliance Air Ship) Ebon Hawk."
"She is the fastest cruiser in Alia." He stated "I wish you luck, King - General."
Lt. Gregory gave me a salute of honor and did the same. Then I nudged Eywn, signaling it was time to go. He stood up, still nibbling on his chocolate, and followed me inside.
I looked over to Eywn and said nobly: "Eywn this is the start... of our adventure."
I love it how Minoru doesn’t really care his old subject is under attack. (With his ‘’Oh really?’’ tone and all.) All he cares about is Mika’s ship, of course. Gregory is probably an old evil minion of Minoru which is why he immediately wants to help Minoru.

I looked at Eywn and smiled. I could care less about what he looked like. Sure, he was leprechaun when it came down to it. But he has a pure heart nonetheless.
"Sir!" A soldier saluted "We are about to take to the skies, sir!"
"Good, we need to get there quick!" I commanded "Commander Mika won't be in the skies for much longer if we don't hurry."
I took another long look at Eywn and decided it was time... to tell him my true name.
"Eywn come take a seat." I invited. He did as I told and without question... much like a soldier.
"You don't have to treat me like that." I chuckled "I'm not a king anymore. Just a regular person like you"
"Oh..." He sighed
"Anyway I have something to tell you." I took a big breath "My real name."
His eyes widened "You mean M. M Masterson isn't your name?" He said with a little "I knew it!" tone.
"Yes, My real name is Minoru Akihiro." I said "It's safe here, and I feel if you don't know my real name, we won't be able to trust each other that well."
"Sir!" The same soldier interupted "We are lifting off be ready!"
"I see" I started to buckle in.
Eywn did the same.
"So, Eywn... Tell me about yourself." I asked.
If my theory about Minoru being evil is correct, then the first few suggest that Minoru especially likes to corrupt and trick people with pure hearts. Not to mention that people with pure hearts are the easiest to corrupt. They don’t know much about evil so they are very easy to trick. Minoru knew this, of course. That’s just another reason why he chose Ewyn as his apprentice. The first few lines could also be interpreted as Minoru totally not giving two dimes about Ewyn and is only interested in him as second in command because Ewyn is powerful and easy to corrupt. It’s also obvious from this post that Ewyn is now under complete control, doing what Minoru wants like a ‘’soldier’’. How come? Maybe it’s because Ewyn sees Minoru as a true good guy that strives for justice and really respects these kind of figures. Minoru pretending to be a good guy is paying off. Or maybe it’s because of the horn of character derailment. Anyway, now that Minoru knows about Ewyn’s loyalty to him he tells him his true name, naturally, so that they can both (Or at least Ewyn.) trust each other better. This guy is an evil genius on so many levels. A reason as to why he wants Ewyn to tell about himself may be because he’d like to know about his weaknesses so that he can either help him hide them or exploit them.
I thought about his story for a long time.
"Well, that's my life story right there." I chuckled
"Wait, what do you mean?!" he seemed surprised.
"That your whole story is almost an exact replica of mine." I said calmly "In fact I was around your age when I had my first battle."
"Sir!" said the commander "We are entering the battle zone!"
"Finally" I said
It wasn't that long before we got hit. we didn't get hit that much because it was a small ship and it was considerably fast. However as we got closer and closer towards the Defiant we were getting more and more serious hits. But, we managed to stay intact. We were close enough to see the Defiant. However, I saw the most peculiar thing. two mages in mid air battling it out. This caught Eywns interest, too apparently. However, as things couldn't get worse the Darathian mage saw our ship! He tried to cast a spell but it looked like the other mage got to him before he could get to us!

"Step on it!" I screamed
The ship lurched forward and started to go at top speed.
To much of Minoru’s joy, it turns out Ewyn’s back story is similar to his. Since Minoru now knows his story is similar, he’ll have an easier time on corrupting Ewyn. This makes Ewyn an even greater second in command than Minoru had ever dreamed. So much potential to manipulate, corrupt and trick. Poor, poor Ewyn. And he all takes it without knowing it. Minoru also appears to be a quite blood thirsty guy. Why else say ‘’Finally’’ upon hearing you just got into the battlefield? And that’s battlefield, not Mika’s ship.
"We.. are.. almost... there!" I struggled as the speed was unbelievable. I knew that mage would probably attack when we either got closer to him or we got closer to the defiant. Probably both.
"Captain!" I shouted "Watch that mage!"
"Canons roll out!" Ordered the Captain "Keep them focused on that floating mage over there!"
"Only attack when he attacks!" He continued.
Everybody did so without question. The defiant was only about a good 300 yards from the Ebon Hawk. Then our communicators started to ring. I answered and commander Mika was on.
"Ah, glad you're here! Let's cut to the chase, I need you to cover me until I can get the thrusters back online!" he shouted.
"Got it, try to hang in there. we are sending mechanics over to help." I replied "Do you have any injured people on your ship that are still alive?!"
Is Minoru ordering not to attack until he does because he has a heart or because he is a good strategist? I’d say only the latter. And of course he’s worried about the injured. The dead make poor soldiers.

"Commander?...Commander are you there!" I shouted "He's not picking up."
That's when I noticed something out of the ordinary. It seemed that the whole ship just got an instant upgrade. Then, even stranger, the whole ship spilt in two!
"You out did yourself, Commander." I said. I turned to Eywn who was just standing there amazed at the battle.
"Eywn, get ready." I commanded "we are getting to the heart of it!"
He looked confused. "We are going to fight?"
"Not yet, I just told you to get ready" I clarified "I have to talk to the commander in person."
I picked up the communicator.
"Commander Mika." I said "Requesting permission to dock. I need to talk to you."
Just Minoru giving good comments to seem like a nice guy. He is also impressed seeing that the ship he wanted to acquire is even better than he dreamed of. Poor Ewyn is confused to see Minoru showing his true blood thirsty nature, yet he still  pictures him as an hero. Poor guy.
Ugh, not teleporting.
"All right, then." I said "General Minoru, signing off."
I looked over to Eywn. "I hope your ready, you will need your sword, indefinetly" I reminded "There is some light mages armor in storage. go put those on. Then I will give you further instructions"
"Yes, sir." He said. and then he left without a another word.
"I really hope that this turns out well" I said to myself
… Yeah, Minoru doesn’t care that he is sending a 15 year old to battle. War’s war after all. An evil king’s gotta do what an evil king’s gotta do. At least he was understanding enough to grant Ewyn armor…
"They... They're retreating!" I said with a sigh of relief.
Looks like we don't need to battle after all!
"Eywn... we won." I rejoiced "Looks like you got all that armor on for nothing."
I went to the cockpit to call Mika.
"Commander Mika, we've won!" I said "The ebon hawk request permission to dock."
I waited for his response and I looked at Eywn for a bit. Something seemed to be troubling him.
Maybe something had happened to him in the armory?
"Eywn?" I asked somewhat concerned "Are you alright?"
They’re retreating? Phew. Mika’s ship is safe. Of course, Minoru, despite being blood thirsty, likes it that no battle had to take place. Casualties are bad for the army after all. And why is Minoru concerned about Ewyn? I think Minoru feared his sudden true nature shift a few minutes back made Ewyn realise what may be going on. Ewyn is having doubts about Minoru being a good guy. This is not good for Minoru.
"Minoru. What were we going to fight for? What was I going to risk our life for?" Eywn asked. He looked nervous.
"What we were fighting for?" I echoed "It was, no is for our families, our people, and our freedom."
I wasn't so necessarily sure of the answer myself, but my answer should sustain his curiosity for now until I had a better answer. It was definitely something to think about. Just then, a call come through from Mika.
"Ebon Hawk, I advise you to evacuate this nation! The Explosion will destroy you!" The message said.
An Explosion?! From where?!
I grabbed Eywn by the collar and ran towards the cockpit.
"Defiant, I suggest that you follow us" I messaged Mika "We are heading to Fellum, here are our coordinates." I sent the coordinates to the capital of Fellum, Jeru. I threw Eywn into the co-pilots seat.
"This is going to be a bumpy ride" I shouted "All hands, get ready for transport! I repeat get ready for transport!"
Then next thing I knew we were bulleting towards Jeru, Fellum.
Ooh! Things are getting interesting again! Ewyn is indeedly having doubts here. I love it how Minoru had to think about his answer for a second and then decided to state not a complete lie, but a statement that is technically true but he doesn’t mention his real cause. Minoru knows that if he’d admit he’d be doing this for the evulz, Ewyn would leave him in a heartbeat. Ewyn still wants to fight for justice after all. Minoru wasn’t even sure of his answer himself, possibly because he intends to be a dictator. (Considering he wants to get Alia back by force and all.)
I sent three warning shots alerting our allied army to evacuate. They were running like cheetahs. But then I felt something. An odd vibe. Coming from Mika's ship.
"Eywn..." I started "Your going to have to take control of the ship"
He was stunned.
"Sir, how am I supposed to take command?!" He said, still shocked "I don't know how to fly a ship!"
"I know this will be new to you, but it will be helpful to you in the future." I replied "I'm going to mika's ship, he is in definite need of help, I mean just look at his ship!"
This ship was obviously in ruins and it didn't help that the ship was in half AND darathian soldiers boarding as well.
"I see..." Eywn said " Well, I'll try my best"
"Thank You" I said pleasingly "See you in Jopo!"
I put on my special flight on armor and flew to mika's ship. I would probably never have been prepared for what I was about to face.
… What? Did he just order a 15 year old to take the wheel? He may be a prodigy, but I don’t think 15 year old prodigies should be left at the controls of an airship. Minoru’s reason for leaving is, of course, saving what is left to save. If that ship is a lost cause, then at least get as many crew members out to join your army. The best profit = highest chance of victory after all.

"Already under control, commander." I replied walking towards the glowing blue figure, hands behind my back. "Evacuation is at 95%. Meaning everyone has escaped except us." After saying these things I noticed a man clad in armor somewhat unconscious on the floor. He was barely on his own two feet and unarmed. "What did you do?" I asked
"That guy, from what I can tell, is trying to kidnap Kea." he replied sounding somewhat distraught.
I looked at the girl, unconscious in Mika's hands. She looked like she was in critical condition. Mika needed to worry about other things other than this girl. So , I decided to help him.
"Mika, hand that girl over to me, we will take care of her and you can at least try to get your crew to the escape pods. This ship won't last long. So, what do you say?"
Unfortunately for Minoru, the ship won’t last long so he’s going for the best profit. That would be letting Mika help as many crew members as possible and seeming like a nice guy by taking care of Kea for him. (And maybe hope to make ANOTHER useful ally. Best profit, remember?)
"Right." I said obeying his orders, which kinda odd for me considering I was a king. I put the woman, who was apparently named kea, over my shoulder. Same with Narome, once I reached his location. I found and opening in the hull. the opening lead straight to the Ebon hawk. I had to teleport since my flight suit was useless while carrying two people. I muttered some words and we were back in a second. I ordered a soldier to put them in the med room. I,however, went straight to the cockpit, where I saw my apprentice and my sencond-in-command chatting in the cockpit.
"General! we are ready to leave for Jeru, sir!"
"That's great but why haven't you left?! we only have 30 seconds before this place is blown to bits!" I exclaimed.
I pushed him out of the way and put the ship into automatic hyper-drive. We escaped just in time. I just hoped that mika shared the same fate.
More of him acting like a nice guy and making more allies for his evil army… I’m getting the impression that I don’t need to point out these obvious things, though. Yet here I am, doing it.
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« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2011, 05:32:51 pm »

We almost were at Fellums borders when we felt the shockwaves of the explosion. The ship lost control for a second, but re-activated at about 1000 ft. Thank god, we didn't crash-land. The ship lost some parts, but we were still able to keep the ship flying.
Commander mika is dead. I thought to myself when I put myself back together. He was a great commander in the Alia Mage wars.
I should probably explain what the Alia Mage Wars were. After all, I was the one who started them. It wa the longest war in Alian history lasted about 15 years. 15 years may not seem a lot to you other nations. But hey, what do you expect from a nation that lived in peace and prosperity all it's life as a nation. It all started when I was 14. I gathered together mages from all over Alia, totaling about a grand 3,000. We were cautious at first so we took over some small towns and cities. We even had a small navy. Mika was in charge of a small flagship on the side of the mages at the time. That's when the Alia's government officials started to notice. They contacted me concerning the threat that we posed to them and tried to make a treaty with our army. If we accepted the treaty every soldier in our army would receive about 5,000 telans (alian currency). If we refused, then they would confront us and show no mercy. I consulted my steward cerning the matter. We came to a stand still having VERY diffrent Ideals and I brought it to the Mage circle of alia. (The wisest mages of alia made up this circle.) We came to the conclusion that if we accepted the treaty, they wouldn't fufill their promise considering we took most of the major idustiral cities and they were also in a recession because of that. We refused and we lost the battle, Mika was the most traumatized in the battle. He lost his whole ship and crew. It upset him so much that he resigned. We got someone to take his place but he wasn't as cunning as Mika was. But we won the war anyway. I became king for 10 years and got exiled. And here I am.
"Minoru?" Eywn called "Are you OK? you look a little out of it."
"Oh, um yeah, I'm fine" I said "It's just that attack on Thereme was too sudden."
"What do you mean?" Eywn inquired
"It's that mage who set the explosion!" I shouted "He need's to be dead first before we can attack!"
"Well how are we going to stop him?" Eywn further pressed
"I think the key to beating him is on this very ship or even in jeru." I replied
Not long after that we landed. We had a moment of silence and a memorial service for Mika. Then our new journey began...
Obviously, Minoru doesn’t like losing strong allies with awesome ships. I love the history lesson Minoru gives us. As if his evil nature wasn’t pointed out enough already. Minoru states he was the one who started the Alian Mage Wars for one. Why? Because he wanted to conquer it, of course! What part of evil genius don’t you understand? Anyway, Minoru gathered 3000 mages. All probably thought they were fighting for justice much like Ewyn. Nice to know Minoru has totally done tricking and corrupting mages about 3000 times before Ewyn. And there also appears to have been a government of Alia. This officially proves that Minoru did not brought small nations together and named it Alia. No, Alia was already a Nation and Minoru wanted to conquer it right after he killed his master and stole his army. (Plot hole: This war appears to be the very same as the one stated in character description yet there Minoru is 21 when the war started and here he is 14. I would go deeper into it but RPs are known for their retcons so…)

The Alian government doesn’t even appear to have been evil, so the possibility of Minoru wanting to conquer it to make Alia a better place is out of the question. Minoru even states Alia had always been a land of peace and prosperity so does that mean the government was good?! Geez, the nice men of the government even offered a real good deal of a treaty to Minoru and his evil army. Different ideals? Maybe the government wanted a land of ‘’Peace and prosperity’’ but Minoru obviously couldn’t agree on that. Sure, Minoru suggest the offer could’ve been a sham but who says it truly was? And even if it was a sham, it’d be justified. Would you give 5000 Telans to an obviously evil mastermind and each of his 3000 mages plus other soldiers right after they conquered parts of your country? Also, is that a reason to trick 3000 mages to conquer the place? Not unless you are evil like Minoru, people. Oh, and get this… Minoru spits upon the offer and they lose the battle, causing the deaths of many and traumatizing Mika as a result. Did Minoru care? NO! Instead he just replaces him with some other guy and proceeds to continue the war!!! And he wins. Wow. WOW!

What is his problem!?! Is there no line this man won’t cross!? This proves that his history is a dark and evil one. This guy beats Thereme in every evil contest available. He’s done more evil things in this world than Thereme! And all while pretending to be a good guy… This is the real Minoru, people. THIS is the great good king we were introduced to. At least Thereme is obviously evil so he has standards. Thereme doesn’t corrupt poor 15 year olds that don’t know any better while pretending to be a good guy. Compared to Minoru, Thereme is a kitty! In fact, Thereme seems LOADS more of a good guy compared to Minoru. Dear goodness… Sorry for the long rant, people. Let’s go on.


'Sir, the female is awakening." said the doctor
"That's great! and why must you talk like that?" I said
"Oh, um, sorry sir, force of habit." I responded
"A habit you need to break." I whispered to myself as I walked away
"Eywn, I feel you should also introduce yourself. Come."
We both walked to the med room. Kea looked confused about where she was.
"W-where am I?" she asked
"I am Minoru Akihiro" I said "And your aboard the Ebon Hawk, Mika left you in my hands before he died. Or at least think he died, he's hard to kill that one."
"Mika's dead!!" Kea exploded, then groaned in pain.
"Woah, calm down!"I said firmly "Your going to seriously hurt yourself! And you don't need anymore injuries."
It was quiet for a while after that, then I sighed and said: "I should probably give you the good news, you haven't lost any body parts or broken any bones, However you have some minor bumbs, bruises and cuts around the torso area. Also it seems you have three major cuts on your torso as well that cut right down to the bone but they have recovered to an extent of about 97%."
"That's not necessarily good news" she retorted
"But it's better than being dead." I snapped back
"On a side note we have your friend here in the bed next to you. Narome, I believe it was?" I said "We are also aware of his condition of being able to suck life force, he might be surprised when he wakes up and might try to escape and try to "save" you. He might be out for a few more hours so I have my apprentice here to help you get used to the ship."
Eywn walked up to the hospital bed
"Hello, I'm eywn." He was kinda shy.
I would be too at his age, she is a very pretty lass.
"Eywn, will you help this beautiful lady find her way around the ship?" I asked
"Sure" He replied, he sounded quite excited
"All right, help her find her quarters and then once she finds them have her return here, we don't want any issues with Narome."
"Yes, Minoru!" He said
"Remember to be gentle with her! get her some crutches or have her in a wheel chair!"
Eywn got a wheelchair for Kea and he was off.
Once again Minoru seems like a nice guy in this post. But I think he is only nice to Kea because he knows what Narome is. In case you don’t know, here is his profile:

Ok, this is my first time roleplaying so my writing skills probably suck.

Character name: Narome (pronounced like chrome)
Nation: Darath

Backstory: Narome was originally a kind, gentle monk, until one day he was attacked by a Tondoe, a creature that feeds and reproduces by stabbing other creatures with it's long, stabby apendages. When Tondoes do this, they feed off of some of the victim's life energy and also inject their DNA into them. The victim then transforms into another Tondoe. However, Narome was an unusual victim. For some reason, Narome's morphing into a Tondoe stopped at a certain point. He is now, for the most part, a human, but he still needs to stab people to survive. He now acts like a jerk to stop people from getting close to him, in order to prevent stabbing anyone he cares about. He is now cynical and believes that he can no longer be happy. However, he still has a soul...

Abilities: Basically, just the stabby thing I mentioned earlier, which he has to do to live. He is a little tougher than most warriors where his skin is twisted and green (his left arm, half his chest, his back and his feet). He does not use swords or magic.

Is this acceptable?

To put it clear, Minoru knows that Narome is dangerous yet he does see potential in him. He’d make a great soldier for his army and tricking/corrupting/manipulating him won’t be too hard if done right. So being on bad terms with him is one of the last things Minoru wants. So why be nice to Kea? Well, he apparently knew Narome and she were friends, as seen from the post. See, keeping Kea on good terms = Narome on good terms = profit for the army. Getting Kea away along with Ewyn from the scene was also a good idea. Now he can show his more darker side again when confronting Narome without the two figuring out Minoru might be evil.

"Sir, he's waking up!" alerted one of the medics
"Great, put the energy packs beside his bed and activate the glass bubble." I commanded
One of the soldier jogged to Narome's bed and placed two energy packs next to his bed and then ran to the control panel and pulled the lever. A glass bubble soon appeared around the bed. About five minutes after, he woke up.
"Hey... where am I?" Said Narome groggily
"On the AAS Ebon Hawk. You passed out during the battle." I replied
"Need... life... energy.. ugh" Narome groaned
"There are two energy packs next to your bed. One will last you Six months. but if you use them at the same time they will cancel each other out. So, I advise you to do otherwise." I stated
Narome shifted uncomfortably to the side of the bed and used one of his tentacles to pick it up.
"Ahhhhhh...." Narome sighed
Narome looked around and noticed something
"Where's kea?!" shouted Narome as he started to get up, looking around frantically.
"My apprentice is showing her to her private quarters, as well as the cafeteria."
"Where is she right now?" He asked
"I don't know where she is exactly try the cafeteria or her quarters." I explained "I will have one of my men show you around as well."
I signaled one of my men to let him out and show him around. He went over and pulled the lever and the bubble sank back in the floor.
"Oh, um, I almost forgot." Narome added before leaving. "Where's Mika"
Awkward silence filled the room
"Um... let's just say that he's passed on to a better place."
And He and the soldier left with out another word.
Wow. I think this calls for an OOC convo. His use for the glass bubble is justified because Narome is in fact dangerous. Anyway…

Quote from LunchPolice:

Wait, if Minoru just keeps packs of life energy with him, then... MY GOD, WHAT HAS HE BEEN DOING?!
Narome can only feed off a human's life energy... well, he could technically get some from an animal, but nowhere near as much. He needs to kill a person once a day. So, if there's enough for six months AND THEN SOME... THEN?!

seriously omfg
anyway, gombarry, could you please edit your post? six months is a very, very long time, and you'd be killing off a lot of plot ideas if you actually kept that. if you don't change it, i'll pretend it didn't work.  not to block you off, but i can't really work with that. plus, it turns your character into a mass-murderer. XD

I think this post does a great job explaining the situation here, but I’ll add something to it anyway. Minoru apparently has two energy packs containing LIFE ENERGY! You know, stuff that you need if you want to live. No clue how it works but Metroids seem to love this stuff. I can think of only 1 way to get Life Energy and that would be sucking it up (Stealing) from other sentient beings. Minoru just had two packs of life energy each good for 6 months. In other words…

To get this life energy, Minoru had to kill AT LEAST 360 people for these packs! As LP just stated, Minoru is a mass murderer! (But we already knew that from him starting the Alia mage wars.) He killed 360 people all for the sake of tricking Narome into joining his army!! (He hopes his nice gesture will make Narome think Minoru is a good guy.) And also to keep Narome from killing him and his soldiers. Indeed, there is no line this man won’t cross. We don’t know if these 360 people were evil or not. Maybe they even could’ve been Minoru’s subjects. Later on we get an explanation from Gombarry:

Quoted from Gombarry:

I'm sorry, I should've clarified. The pack is full of magic energy. Which I figured would be a good substitute. But you do have a good point, that would kill of the purpose of your charecter. I only did that so then you wouldn't kill off my men. I WAS originally going to give you tigers and lions to feed on, but I couldn't make that work.

Magic? Really? Where in this world can you find the magic to fuel life energy worth for 360 people? Is Minoru this powerful? If so, the world is doomed and Minoru will surely conquer it with his power. Or he could have gotten the magic from other mages. But how do you convert magic into life energy? Maybe by killing mages? Sounds like something Minoru would do. And get THIS! Minoru originally planned to give Narome tigers and lions to feed on! WHAT!? This proves that even to the animals of the world Minoru is evil! Too bad he co
uldn’t get them over on his ship. Too bad. Oh well, human life energy it is, then.

So there you have it, folks! All the evidence you need, right? The Minoru we all thought to be a good poor overthrown king might actually be a manipulative evil jerk hell-bent on ruling Alia and possibly even the world and will stop at nothing and will manipulate or kill anyone in order to do so. Does that mean he is a bad character? No. It means he actually is one of the most interesting characters in the RP, despite being evil. This list will go on if more evidence is found in the RP. Let’s hope Gombarry will continue to post in the topic.
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« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2011, 08:52:36 pm »

... Where is this RP? maybe some other character context will help
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« Reply #4 on: January 29, 2011, 04:59:10 am »

It's on Ace Attorney Online. I added the link to the topic in the first post now.
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« Reply #5 on: January 29, 2011, 08:49:10 am »


You've put even more effort into this than I could even have imagined! Shocked
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Whilst scrolling, you may have missed the above post, which contains a vast amount of truth, reason, and wisdom.
You should read it.
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« Reply #6 on: January 29, 2011, 09:16:05 am »

Indeed, it was an excellent read. Alternative Character Interpretation galore. Also, following this theory... the RP has become a lot more Evil vs Evil.
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« Reply #7 on: January 30, 2011, 05:49:22 am »

While I know I should be more concerned with my case against Dypo while I'm here, I'm quite interested in this. I wonder what will happen if gombarry comes here.

I wonder if there's any alternate character interpretation for Salfira...As of now, he's just randomly going along with stuff. (because I can't think of any actual plot related events for him to do. Now that I think about it, he was supposed to go meet thereme for a nice long chat about spies...)
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