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November 14, 2018, 01:07:27 am
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 on: June 13, 2011, 10:06:51 am 
Started by Acermaxi - Last post by Ikethelord3
We typically have people online all day 'round seeing as people from a separate forum use the box to chat.

 on: June 13, 2011, 04:47:06 am 
Started by Acermaxi - Last post by McFazzer
well that sucks... I'm usually on when no one else is, more often than not anyway. Luck or fate? take your pick *mumblemumblemumbletimezonesmumblemumblemumble*

 on: June 12, 2011, 10:59:37 am 
Started by Acermaxi - Last post by Dypo
The forum itself is pretty dead, yeah. We usually use the chatbox on the homepage. ^^''
And frankly, we still RP quite often there. xD

 on: June 12, 2011, 07:45:41 am 
Started by Acermaxi - Last post by Ikethelord3
Pretty much.

 on: June 11, 2011, 10:40:41 am 
Started by Acermaxi - Last post by Acermaxi
Hi I'm new here. I've Rp'ed before and ive played all the Ace attorney games.
Also is this site dead?

 on: April 20, 2011, 09:59:32 am 
Started by Dypo - Last post by Dypo
Hmph. Alright, I don't care anymore. I'll fill the remaining positions, unless anyone else wants to take a double role?

 on: March 31, 2011, 08:00:03 am 
Started by Dypo - Last post by Dypo
Edited accordingly.

As soon as we have a victim, this could actually get off the ground. :O

 on: March 30, 2011, 03:02:09 pm 
Started by Dypo - Last post by Axel Akamarus
Axel Akamaru, witness, if you want me to fill the spot.

 on: January 31, 2011, 10:38:13 pm 
Started by McFazzer - Last post by McFazzer
(Hi guys! guess I better show some sign that I am alive so hear is the next bit. Yay! and if there are problems with format Dypo you have free reign to fix)

The giant obviously used to a one hit K.O. was caught by surprise when the machete got caught in a length of baseball bat.

“Wouldn’t your ‘benefactor’ be upset if you damaged his goods?” Daemon taunted and let go of the bat. Daemon then kicked the giant in the place where no guy likes to be kicked resulting in the giant bending over right into another of Daemons kicks, this one to the face. As a result the giant dropped his weapon which Daemon is quick to retrieve. With the giant incapacitated, but conscious, on the ground Daemon removes the mask from the man and sees two dark eyes and a horribly broken nose. Daemon then rests the flat of the blade on the side of Mr Mask’s face.

“Now, Mr Mask, who is this mysterious benefactor of yours? If you answer quickly I will be gentle.”
“He should be just behind me Mr Wolfe... he figured this was how it would turn out...” so says the giant who just got kicked in the face.
Just then, Daemon hears a pair of footsteps coming up the stairs leading to my office. One of which, judging by the sound, with a walking stick of some description and one quite possibly elderly from the pace.


Daemons prediction was soon proven correct when an elderly man in a black pinstripe suit with a matching tie and small black circular glasses perched on his thin nose, which was somewhere between average and long, and accompanied by a tall young man, also in a pinstripe suit but this one navy blue and with a matching tie and slicked back, black, hair. The elderly man spoke first.

“Well, Mr Wolfe, you certainly live up to my expectations” the man’s voice was thin and brittle like a piece of old paper. “I hope my associate didn’t do too much damage.”
“He broke my door, sir... I’m sorry you have me at a disadvantage, you know me, but I don’t know you... well not on sight anyway.” Daemons voice betraying none of the annoyance at his door being broken for a simple test.

“Yes I do have you at a disadvantage, and I wish to keep you like that until you hear out my request.” Wow this old man is smooth, as long as he pays for a new door him and I should have no problems is the only meaningful thought that went through his head before the man continued. “I am a businessman, although you may have guessed based on my clothes and I am sure you realise that I deal with the cities darker side.”
“No $*** sir. You hired a giant with a machete, a machete which I still hold, to drag me to who knows where because of a stupid test. I didn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that out.” Daemon interrupted in a stupidly calm tone considering the situation.

“QUIET YOU LITTLE INSECT! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO YOU ARE ADDRESSING?!” the giant on the ground shouted, with fear creeping in at the edges of his voice.

“Of course I don’t know who it is, haven’t you listened to the conversation at all, giant?” Daemon says while leveling the machete at the giant’s kind-of nose. “So would you kindly shut up? I need to listen to the rich-mans request if I am ever to deduce his name... good.” now directing his attention back to the old man “I’m sorry, would you and your companion like a drink? All I have is coffee; I hope that is ok...”
“No, no, that is quite alright, Mr Wolfe, and I take no offence to your previous statements, I would like to tell you my request as soon as possible so I can move on to other matters that need my attention” the man’s paper voice seeming to barely reach Daemon
“I understand, sir, but you must realise that the entire Wolfe family does this detective thing... and I am the most expensive. So you should be able to understand my curiosity.”
“Yes I am well aware of the other Wolfe’s, but those Wolfe’s hunt in packs, if you will pardon the pun, and I need the Lone Wolfe. The one who deviates from the traditional path of information gathering and the one who is willing to get his hands dirty to get answers. That is you, is it not?” That thin voice is really getting annoying... and I get the distinct feeling he is mocking me...

"Yeah... yeah that's me, but I need some kind of, oh I don't know... idea what this is all about, because if you would happen to look around I have no TV, no radio, no computer and those newspapers are pretty old, I'm a bit out of the loop, for now anyways." well that should get me some idea about what is going on

"Yes of course. Mr Johnson, the file and dossier, if you please" well at least I know mister-slick-hair now Daemon thought as he was handed the documents

Okay this news clipping something about a string of arson attacks to some pretty random establishments, a used car dealership, a restaurant, a... elderly care home? Ooooookayyy... now focus links... links the only links seem to be that the fires were quite isolated, didn't leave the room, the fire-brigade got there very quickly which would explain it... the cities geography gives a prevailing easterly wind the buildings directly to... the... east... they are all owned by the Blackwood family, a crime family... awwwww man if they're here something baaaad happened if that's the case fire was probably a distraction to get what ever it is they wanted, clever, but now they have an M.O. huh...
"Now Mr Wolfe these building only have the fact that they are all nex-"
"Oh I figured that Mr Blackwood, or can I call you James? I didn't expect the patriarch of Blackwood to show up, I guess some thing important was stored in those building that was stolen?"
"...Y-yes hmm. Diamonds Mr Wolfe, those buildings contained the Blackwood supply of diamonds." said a very surprised Mr Blackwood
"Oooohhh... something must be very bad for you to tell me this, Mr Blackwood"
"It is you may know that the Blackwood company keeps all the other minor gangs in the city is a sense of check. Diamonds are the currency, the last cache was hit last night, we need you to get them back, no matter what the cost, you will be paid eight percent of what you retrieve and we need at least twenty percent to operate at minimum efficiency. Please do what you can Mr Wolfe as you know our business keeps the city from becoming a war-zone. Farewell." aaaaannnd they're gone... and me without a door to close behind them, jerks

To be continued

 on: January 30, 2011, 05:49:22 am 
Started by The Fury Wraith - Last post by stealthjet
While I know I should be more concerned with my case against Dypo while I'm here, I'm quite interested in this. I wonder what will happen if gombarry comes here.

I wonder if there's any alternate character interpretation for Salfira...As of now, he's just randomly going along with stuff. (because I can't think of any actual plot related events for him to do. Now that I think about it, he was supposed to go meet thereme for a nice long chat about spies...)

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