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16  Chatroom / Random Chat / Re: CYOA (Non AA-Related) on: July 06, 2010, 02:17:41 am
Option C: Beat your mother to the punch. Literally.
Or, if that isn't allowed, Option A.
17  Chatroom / Random Chat / Re: CYOA (Non AA-Related) on: July 05, 2010, 03:09:59 pm
Since making the right choices is a "bad thing" or your at least urging to do the wrong choice, I'll go with chocolate.
18  Fanfiction / Ace Attorney Fanfiction / Re: Christian Dissarea: The Thug in a Suit on: July 05, 2010, 09:29:02 am
Did we ever tell you that we (Ahoy, Phrenz, "us") have our own RP? I know Mus and Chicken are aware, but I can never remember who we've told. Anyways, Christian has seen a bit of action in our RP. I thought it was a clever idea to feature connecting characters over multiple RPs to see how it'd work.
19  Chatroom / Random Chat / Re: It's my birthday today! on: July 05, 2010, 01:44:49 am
Happy birthday! Mine was back in June.
20  Chatroom / Random Chat / Re: I joined. on: July 05, 2010, 01:44:08 am
If it's merely a backup, then there's no need for so many forums. The current set up allows for easily accessible, as well as easily organizable, methods of archiving. I can't argue with you about needing more people, though.
21  Fanfiction / Ace Attorney Fanfiction / Re: Christian Dissarea: The Thug in a Suit on: July 05, 2010, 01:14:00 am
Shawn's entry fee is a coin.
22  Fanfiction / Ace Attorney Fanfiction / Re: Christian Dissarea: The Thug in a Suit on: July 04, 2010, 04:04:58 pm
Sharp eye. Yes, Christian is Shawn's brother, and one of the men from the picture.

Also, Shawn WILL show up, 'cause this happens before his death. As a matter o' fact, here's a little spoiler for ya. Christian died before Shawn. Do with that what you will.
23  Fanfiction / Ace Attorney Fanfiction / Christian Dissarea: The Thug in a Suit on: July 04, 2010, 04:20:17 am
Another day, another death.

Christian Dissarea, stood in the lounge. Wearing a midnight black tuxedo with a white undershirt and red tie, one might argue that he was overly dressed for something as trivial as a court session. Naturally, he would argue otherwise. This was his casual dress, and what he wore at most all times. He raised a hand to run his fingers through his thick, brown hair.

"Where the hell is Shawn?" he sighed to himself. "That lovable oaf can't ever show up on time. Well, at least I get a chance to observe the prosecution."

Glancing across the lounge, Christian noticed a man in a black and white pinstriped suit. He stood at about average height, with greased down, stunningly blond hair. His actions announced that he was a rather new attorney, fresh out of law school, no doubt. Mentally snickering to himself, Christian was already determining the end result of this case.

"Now if Shawn will just show up, we can get this over with."

While waiting on his brother to arrive, Christian stood in the lounge, observing the rather elegant structure.

"Hey, man. Are you the defense?"

Christian's thoughts were cut short as the prosecuting attorney had the gall to cross the lounge to socialize with his opposition. The man smiled at Christian as if they were the best of friends. His voice was rather low, and he seemed to be young. Probably still in his late 20s. For a split second, a sneer crossed Christian's face at this man's pathetic attempt at friendship. However, the expression lasted only an instant as he forcibly worked his sneer into a smile. Opening his mouth, Christian began to speak.

"Yes. Yes I am. Christian Dissarea, a... good friend of my client." His speech rolled off the tongue rather elegantly, and his voice was a low, sultry sound, almost hypnotic in tone. "It's rude to not introduce yourself to someone who has done so to you."


"Oh, cool. I'm Kevin Douglas. Hope you're ready to lose!" the man laughs. Christian forces a laugh. This kid doesn't think he can actually take me, does he? Bah, he'll soon learn his lesson.

"Yo, I'm here!"

Christian turns to face the doorway to the lounge. A hulk of a man, over 7 feet tall and 350 lbs, just walked through the door way. The man had a pair of dark blue jeans with a black belt as well as a pair of steel toed boots. His hair was black, cut short, and matted to his head. He had a very blocky face that looked like he'd kill you if you so much as looked at him the wrong way. Unlike Christian, overly dressed in his tuxedo, this man wasn't even wearing a shirt. His entire upper body was uncovered.

The man walked over to Christian before raising his hand to clap him on the back. Christian shot the man a look that'd stop a psychopath in his tracks. "Don't you dare pat me on the back, Shawn."

Shawn remembered who we was talking to before lowering his hand behind his back with a sheepish frown. "Sorry, bro. Y'know I always forget."

Christian merely grunted as he remembered Kevin was still standing next him. "I'll have to ask you to leave us to ourselves." he says to the attorney.

Kevin had a defensive look on his face. "Yo, and what if I don't want to? This is the lounge. I can do whatever I want until we get into court."

Christian looked at his brother and signalled with a twitch of the head. Shawn smiled as he crouched down to look Kevin in the face before giving him the most violent grin the poor attorney had ever seen in his life. Kevin merely muttered a quick apology before slouching away to the other side of the lobby. "You know this is your fault, right?" Christian muttered.

"Eh? My fault for what?" Shawn asked, quizically.

"For killing that guy! Well, heh, not for killing him. For doing such a poor job of disposing of the body. Throwing a corpse into a heavily trafficked river is bound to raise suspicion, you big oaf." Christian scoffs. "Now, I know you were assigned to do that. That fool was a danger to the gang and you were ordered to hunt him down and silence him, but next time, do a better job at not getting caught. It's not easy convincing the court that you didn't get him when so much evidence suggests it."


"Whoa, whoa, I thought I did a pretty good job at hiding the body. I mean, that river wasn't too heavily trafficked. I think you're just getting worked up 'cause you had to show up in court. I mean, I don't know how anyone could've even seen me." Shawn says, holding his hands up defensively.

"The hell are you talking about? They said they got video footage of you throwing the body into the river." Christian sneers. "How hard is it to spot a hidden camera?"

"I-I didn't see any cameras, bro. I'm sorry." Shawn sighs, hanging his head low.

Christian rubbed the bridge of his nose as he sighed. "It's alright, Shawn. Don't worry, your big brother will get you out of this mess. I know how this entire session is going to go down."

"Um, any chance of you explaining it all to me, so that I don't screw anything up?" Shawn inquires, in a hope to redeem himself.

"Alright, so here's the plan. We'll-" Christian's explanation was cut short by a man signalling from the doorway that it was time to head in. "Hm. Alright, just play along and this will all turn out well." Christian and Shawn advance into the courtroom. The place looks rather typical, rows of benches, judge's tower of inequality, witness booth, the usual. The walls were lined with big stained glass windows, detailing epic exploits of lawyers against the worlds worst villains. Christian wears a grin of smug superiority as he already knows the outcome of this pathetic trial. Shawn wears a grin out of sheer ignorance. The brothers take their seats and look over at the prosecuting attorney. The blond man sits next to a balding man in a suit, a wide grin on his face as, he too, believes he knows how this will end.


The judge sat in his desk, looking down upon everyone else. "Court is now in session!" His deep voice boomed, resonating throughout the courthouse. "Prosecution gets the first turn." He snickers.

The blond man stands up. "Gladly, your honor." He swaggers to the front of the Judge's tower. "An innocent man was murdered the other day. He was shot in the head and his body was deposited into a river. Sadly enough, for the murderer, there was a man with a camera nearby that caught almost the entire thing on film." He smirked at this point. "And I'd like to show this video to the courthouse, if that's alright with you, your honor."

The Judge thought for a second at most. "It will be allowed. Bailiff, bring in the TV."

A man in a security guard uniform rolled in a TV set with a small television atop it. Mr. Douglas signalled to his client to come up and set up the video. He wanders up to the TV and takes out a digital handheld camera and begins to plug in various wires. Kevin glances over at Christian and smirks smugly.


"There was a <b>man</b> there?" Christian whispered furiously to his brother. "How could you have not spotted a person seeing you!?"

"I-I didn't see anybody there, bro. I'm sorry." Shawn mumbles, his head hung in depression. "I don't even know how someone could've seen me. The place was deserted."

"Well obviously not." Christian responded. "Ugh... it's alright. I still know how to get us out of this."

The man who was hooking up the video signalled to Kevin that it had been set up. Kevin turned to the judge. "The video is now prepared. May we start it, your honor?"

"You may." The judge grinned.

At a press of a button, the static on the television set turned to a fuzzy video. A hulk of a man in a gray shirt and dark blue jeans dragged a body out of an alley. Looking around, he drags the body over to the handrails of the nearby river. As he tosses the body over, a gaping hole is seen through the corpse's head. As the body plummets to the river below, the man takes off running.

"... Something isn't right here." Christian whispered.

"I... wasn't wearing a shirt, bro. You know I never wear shirts." Shawn whispered back. "And I didn't even have a gun on me. I beat the man to death with a nearby lead pipe."

Christian's eyes opened wide in suprise. Standing up he shouted at the man. "Wait a second! Rewind that video to the disposal of the body!" The man looked at Kevin. Kevin merely shrugged and signalled to do as he said with a nod. The video was recorded and played back at the body being lifted over the rail. "Pause right there." Christian demanded. The video was paused. The body was halfway over the rails to the river. Christian walked up to the television and stared at intently for a few seconds before returning to his seat alongside Shawn.

"That body... that's Derek." He whispered. Shawn's eyes opened wide. Derek was, well... had been a member of the Order. But it looks like someone had offed him.

The judge cackled. "Looks like they caught on faster than we expected." Reaching under his seat, he pulled out an airhorn and blared it. The sounds resonated through the room, and shortly after, the stain glassed windows shattered, sprinkling shards of glass onto those observing the case. A dozen SWAT member collided with the ground and trained their guns on the brothers. People fled the courthouse screaming, including the prosecution. After the crowd got out, all that remained was the Dissarea brothers, a dozen heavily armed men, and the judge, sinisterly grinning at the two.

"You two are wanted for multiple crimes under the Vermillion Order." He announced. "I recommend you follow us before you get filled with lead."

A grin of his own spread across Christian's face as he swaggered to the judge's tower. The judged had a suprised look on his face. Christian turned away from the judge to face the SWAT members. "Alright, boys. Sic 'em." Suddenly, half the squad turned and opened fire on the other half, catching them by surprise. Abruptly, 6 bodies lay in pools of blood in the courthouse. Christian turned back to the judge.

"Wh-what is the meaning of this?" The judge demanded, his face in awe.

"We were on to your little plan all along, old man." Christian responded. "You don't mess with the Order." The remaining SWAT members trained their guns on the judge. Reaching under his desk, the judge pulled out a handgun and aimed it at our antagonistic protagonist. As soon as it was out, it was gone as Christian smacked the firearm out of his hand with ease. Flicking his right arm out, a blade slides out from Christian's right sleeve, locked in place by some unseen mechanism under his elegant dress. The judge opened his mouth to call for help, but it was cut short as his throat was slit open by a single, swift slice. As blood oozed forth from the opening in his neck, the judge gasped for breath. Christian turned back to the SWAT squad and his brother. "Alright, then. That settles that issue. But they got Derek, which means they know more than we originally assumed. We gotta relay this back to the boss." He announced, casually signalling to the rear entrance to the courthouse.

The men began leaving the courthouse, casually chatting about what they were gonna have for lunch and playing cards that night. As Christian brought up the rear, he was the last to leave. As he passes through the doorway, he glances back at the judge. The judge meets eyes with his grinning face before strangling out one last moan. It was no more than a mere gargle as his eyes roll into the back of his head and he lay, lifeless on his tower. Christian scoffs before leaving the courthouse.


And there's the conclusion. Feel free to comment, yadda yadda, so on so forth. Hope you enjoyed it.

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