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November 14, 2018, 01:18:43 am
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1  Chatroom / Random Chat / Re: The Minoru Theory on: January 30, 2011, 05:49:22 am
While I know I should be more concerned with my case against Dypo while I'm here, I'm quite interested in this. I wonder what will happen if gombarry comes here.

I wonder if there's any alternate character interpretation for Salfira...As of now, he's just randomly going along with stuff. (because I can't think of any actual plot related events for him to do. Now that I think about it, he was supposed to go meet thereme for a nice long chat about spies...)
2  Roleplaying / Ace Attorney RP / Re: Turnabout Administrators on: January 25, 2011, 11:43:20 am
Stealthfire: *Slams table* Obviously about what happened at the time of the crime Dypo! Testify about what you were doing and what happened at the time of the crime!
3  Roleplaying / Ace Attorney RP / Re: Turnabout Administrators on: January 11, 2011, 10:40:57 pm
(OOC:YES! Finally! You're back! I was waiting so long for you...So long in fact, that I forgot what I have on my hands. I need to recheck through the case files again. >_<)
4  Roleplaying / Ace Attorney RP / Re: Ace Attorney RP on: August 30, 2010, 05:04:15 am
Personally, I would refer normal godot as compared to Diego Armando, but if it would be better to use Diego Armando, go ahead. Alternatively, I think using Phoenix wright  wold also be quite suitable as he has a "confident" sprite which could be relatively easily modified to have bunny ears and fit the "Fear my power!" statement.
5  Roleplaying / Ace Attorney RP / Re: Turnabout Administrators on: August 29, 2010, 08:55:28 am
Stealthjet: I don't get what you all mean. What do you mean by "last post"?

Stealthjet: *Heard Detective Zeta's voice and is looking around the courtroom*...I realise that, suddenly, there appear to be a several more spectators in this courtroom. Where did they come from? Ehh...Nevermind that, who said that this is about morality?

Judge: *Slams gravel* Stealthjet! The trial does not concern the audience! And to the audience, please be quiet. If you wish to discuss, whispering will do.

Stealthjet: Oh well, let's get back to my question then. Mr. Dissarea, please explain what the "last post" is referring to?
6  Chatroom / Random Chat / Re: Ideas on improving publicity and activity? on: August 27, 2010, 05:00:41 am
Well, in addition to that, we have only 1 case running. We need more cases or something. I basically figured that if we get more people, we would get more things going on, then activity as a whole will increase.
Mathematically speaking, for each person that joins, the potential for interaction increases by the current number of people in the forum, which is a quadratic increase (eg. At 5 people, if a person joins, we get potential for 5 more interactions. This becomes the triangular number pattern which increases quadratically). Then again, this is an ideal case and assumes everybody is active. We probably need to get everybody's motivation up.
7  Roleplaying / Ace Attorney RP / Re: Ace Attorney RP on: August 25, 2010, 04:05:34 am
Young godot? You mean Diego Armando? Erm...Go ahead then...Or maybe you can use a static Cirno image  Cheesy

But then again, can't you let the co-councils just look like a normal attorney?
8  Roleplaying / Ace Attorney RP / Re: Ace Attorney RP on: August 25, 2010, 03:14:00 am
Godot. I'll have godot as a sprite. Now I wonder if I can mod a pair of bunny ears on him.
9  Roleplaying / Ace Attorney RP / Re: Ace Attorney RP on: August 24, 2010, 04:19:36 am
...Wait, I realise I have been living under a rock. What's AAO?

Edit: I realise I am a mod on this board. Fascinating.
10  Chatroom / Random Chat / Re: Ideas on improving publicity and activity? on: August 17, 2010, 08:46:52 am
Having multiple cases is easy, each case can take 1 topic. The problem is finding cases to argue about.

I now have a new suggestion.

We have a game called nomic, forum version. (
Basically, it's a game where we can modify the rules of the game.
There are a few modifications of course. In addition to adapting the voting system for this forum, we can also have a court trial whenever we think somebody is breaking the rules, and we can have some sort of point system and punishment whenever somebody does break a rule.
I believe the first thing we're going to be arguing about is the initial set of rules, or we can be completely arbitrary about this initial set.
For reference, here's original "initial set of rules" for nomic:

I think that a new board should be created for this to facilitate playing this game.

btw. We seriously need more people.
11  Chatroom / Random Chat / Re: Applications for forum's name on: August 09, 2010, 10:12:26 am
Forum name: Ace Attorney: The Roleplay
Reason: I see no reason to change it from this. It's a simple name, and self-explanatory.
12  Roleplaying / Ace Attorney RP / Re: Turnabout Administrators on: August 05, 2010, 06:50:34 am
Stealthjet: *Takes the stand* Very well, I shall testify to everything that has happened in the greatest detail that I can remember. Be warned, it might be quite long.

Fury: That is not a problem, the purpose of a court of law is for justice, and the more detail, the better.


- I took part in the "CYOA (Non AA-Related)" topic in the "Random Chat" board.

- At July 06, 2010, 07:20:30 am according to time on this board, I made a post post in the topic.

- The original post simply consisted of a youtube video to the ending song of a game called "portal". The song's name was "still alive".

- This song is a reference to the Dypo's post right before my post, where he stated that "you" (referring to the reader/character) are still alive multiple times and also to portal, which is quite obvious, considering the video.

- Unfortunately, I forgot the exact video in question. There is more than 1 video of the song on youtube. Nevertheless, the exact video is irrelevant.

- Not too long after I posted the video, Dypo edited it to showing the "White Lies - Death" video. I've never seen this video before.

- Dypo even told me about the edit on the Xat chatbox. Unfortunately, the evidence is already gone.

- Annoyed, I immediately went to edit the video again to add the "mini court case", which are shown quite obviously in the edit. This edit was done at 10:12:57 am on the same day I posted

- I recognised that Dypo is the admin and creator of the forum, and effectively almighty in this forum.

- At the point, I wasn't aware that Dypo himself had stated he would have to enforce the rules on himself. I was only aware of it when the forum member "Ikethelord3", or in another way, you, Mr. Dissarea, pointed it out.

- I wasn't aware because I do not visit the fanfiction board, I found out later that it was posted in "Christian Dissarea: The Thug in a Suit" topic after searching for the source of the post.

- Thus I didn't think that there was anything that could be done against him.

- However, after I had known that Dypo himself stated that he would have to mod himself to enforce the rules, I decided to actually take this up to a proper court as he is, unfortunately, not doing what he should have done to uphold his statement.

- If Dypo could be free to simply edit other people's posts for this own amusement, he is obviously abusing his power, and he must be held responsible. Especially since his statement meant that even he, as an administrator is not exempt from the rules.

Stealthjet: Well then, that is all that I have to say. I suppose they are detailed enough and there aren't any questions? Then again, I'm sure you can always be nit-picky and find something to question. And now, in reference to your accusation that I did it to create activity...


That topic I created does not show that I would be willing to carry out such a stunt to increase activity! I created a formal discussion topic on how we should increase activity. it just shows that I was concerned about the activity on this forum.
Instead, you have proved that Dypo would be capable of doing such a thing like deliberately breaking the rules to incite a case against himself! Previously, it was a spelling error; now, it's abusing his administrator powers to edit my post for his own amusement!
Unfortunately, abuse of power is by no means a small matter; and this must be fixed, or it would happen again, regardless of whether the outcome is good or bad.

(OOC: Hey, if you've seen that topic, why don't you provide your input instead of just using it as evidence?)
13  Chatroom / Random Chat / Re: Anybody out there? on: August 03, 2010, 07:01:47 am
Ermm...I was actually asking for somebody to name the RP, unless of course, if Dypo is going to name it?
14  Chatroom / Random Chat / Re: Anybody out there? on: August 02, 2010, 11:50:09 am
Sorry, but may I know what is this other RP, I've never been in any RPs other than this; or would you rather not name it?
15  Chatroom / Random Chat / Ideas on improving publicity and activity? on: August 02, 2010, 11:46:58 am
Well then, I thought I'd just open this up for discussion.
As we all know, the forum does seem somewhat inactive.

I doubt there are actually much of any people who actually know of this, although we have loads of posts in the GameFAQs topic. I think this might possibly be due to the name of the topic, how about creating a topic for recruitment into this? Although that might be somewhat offtopic on GameFAQs.

I think we might also want to involve more people. Each case basically has like only 2 people doing something most of the time, the prosecutor and the defense attorney. Either we involve more people in 1 case, although I not sure how this could be done effectively as I would still see that the lawyers on each side would get most of the screen time.
I would think that the people on a case could be:
  • Plaintiff/Complainant
  • Defendant
  • Prosecuting attorney & co-council (2 people)
  • Defense attorney & co-council (2 people)
  • Judge (an actual person unrelated be the Judge, I believe Dypo actually suggested this before)
  • Alternatively, Jury
(we have more than 1 person making the judgment and they can discuss and give us their reason for the verdict as well, which may or may not be challenged; depending on circumstances. We would still have a Judge, but he would be more of like the current Judge we have now where he simply handles the court proceedings and is controlled by everyone.)
Not including the Judge, that's 6 people at max. And 4 lawyers. Still, The Plaintiff and defendant is not going to be able to do much. So it's basically 4 people arguing against each other...

Alternatively, we have more cases or even multiple cases occurring at the same time. Of course, this would mean we need to find more things to argue about.

Does anybody have any ideas to improve the activity and/or publicity?
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